About Us

Non-Profit Partnership “National Union of Students Medics” there since 1989. Until 2010, the organization has existed under the name Rasm (Russian Association of Students Medics). He is a full member of the International Federation of Associations of Students Medics (IFMSA).

To familiarize with the activities of the International Federation of Associations of Students of physicians and international internship programs, you can visit:  www.ifmsa.org

The objectives of the Organization is to unite the efforts of its members to facilitate:

  • development of medical science and education, improve their practical and theoretical level;
  • improving the training of medical professionals;
  • decision professional issues in teaching, practical training, internships, the distribution of graduates;
  • bring to research works of students and young medical professionals;
  • development of international relations and cooperation, coordination activities of the members of the Organization in this regard;
  • improve the professional and creative activity, residents, graduate students and medical students.

Main activities

  • International Student Exchanges
    • Professional Exchanges
    • Research Exchanges
  • Projects:
    • Humanitarian Projects
    • Creating a global medical network
    • Databases
  • Trainings
  • Conferences, symposia, summer schools
  • Publications
  • Discussions and debates