World Day of First Aid

Annually on the second Saturday in September at the initiative of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent held the World First Aid Day.

The aim was to teach people how to act quickly and decisively in an emergency situation when every second counts. But what if emergency help is needed to next sitting man? What will make the ordinary citizen? It can play a crucial role in saving human life.

This year, the event doesn’t remain forgotten. LC’s HCCM – Russia conducted a two-days action dedicated to the World Day of First Aid. On the first day conference was held – ” Extreme situations in the city life”. On the second day held a seminar on the city’s main pedestrian streets. On this day, professional assistance given more than 15 experts in different areas: cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, endocrinology, surgery, therapy and psychology. Students were able to safely show all their knowledge into practice: undergraduates trained cardio – pulmonary resuscitation, how to bandage and conduct transport immobilization, freshman measure blood pressure and pulse. For those few hours, doctors had to consult 180 people.

On this day everyone could come and consult on various issues relating to health, and can learn the basics of first aid.

World Tuberculosis Day

World TB Day is a traditional event of PH Russia. It takes place on March 24. On that day anyone can go through x-ray screenings, participate in a quiz, look at x-ray images of patients with ill lungs, participants are treat to chamomile tea, show educational film about the dangerous disease, exchange cigarettes for candy and take part in the flash mob (to build a chamomile – a symbol of World TB Day).

World Health Day

Every year this day is celebrated on 7 April. Local Committees in Russia didn’t miss that date. At the event students of medical universities showed how to do CPR. Anyone could consult a therapist and psychologist. Also they shown x-ray picture with ill lungs and exchanged cigarettes for sweets. Organizers gave for all participants positive and a lot of useful tips. We hope that such activities will be more people leading a healthy life!

The Standing Committee on Public Health aims to become a reference as training and learning pillars for medical students, in order to create future public health qualified leaders who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and values to work on a local and an international level.

The Standing Committee on Public Health promotes the development of medical students worldwide regarding Public Health issues through an international sharing knowledge network, projects management, community based learning, capacity building, advocacy and access to external learning opportunities.


  • Disease prevention within our society.
  • Health promotion and education within our society.
  • Raising awareness about Global Public Health issues within medical students and our society.
  • Advocating for health policies as the voice of worldwide medical students.
  • Developing skills and knowledge of medical students as the future health professionals.
  • Working as an international team and collaborating with external public health organisations to use the potential of over one million worldwide medical students.
  • Collaborate with other fields as medical education, human rights and reproductive health.

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