SCORA, the Standing Commitee on Reproductive Health including AIDS is the youngest of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations’ (IFMSA) six standing committees. Within SCORA, medical students from all over the world work on issues concerning Reproductive and Sexual health. Whether that be through advocacy work, projects, or through peer education, SCORA works on the local, national, and international levels to get its message across.

Reproductive health is a very wide subject, ranging from sexual rights, to women’s health, to HIV/AIDS. However, we in SCORA just last year decided to focus on 5 main areas within the field of reproductive health: Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Violence against Women, Maternal Health, Access to Safe Abortion, and Stigma and Discrimination. For the next 5 years, our work will be focused on these areas to make sure that we as SCORA advocate for these subjects move forward in our projects and tackle each of these subjects within our parts of the world.

And of course, a major part of our work is focused on HIV/AIDS and its prevention. We tackle this topic through our World AIDS Day Campaigns, our peer education programs, and making sure all of our members are up to date on the latest developments in the fight against HIV.

Therefore, the main focus of our committee is on activities that emphasize already existing solutions and creating new educational programmes for medical students, as well as for the general population. How do we do this? Through training, awareness campaigns, national/international projects, and assessment and improvement of medical education. Projects vary from country to country, but we all strive towards the same goal: initiate interactive methods that stimulate the population to get involved and thinking.

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