The biggest sub-regional training is coming up this August – it’s SCORP Camp 2016 !

SCORP Camp is the biggest IFMSA summer school for medical students. It is based on interactive workshops delivered by IFMSA-certified trainers which provides you with new skills on related topic and gets you closer to becoming a ‘five-star’ physician !
* INTERNATIONAL TRAINING ON DISASTER MEDICINE – learn about disasters, how to cooperate with different institutions during times of emergency, how to take action and what is your role in the time of need! Moreover – participate in a real size emergency simulation and improve your first aid skills !
* HUMAN RIGHTS FOR MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS: Training in substance abuse and suicide prevention – learn about the importance of mental health, how suicide and substance abuse affects vulnerable groups of society, what is your role as a physician in prevention and most importantly – practical communication with patients training and first mental health aid guidelines !
* HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCACY TRAINING – essential skills of advocacy, debating, project and proposal writing will be taught; you will learn how to determine legal issues and fight towards real change on a local or even national level!
* TNT, TNHRT – traditional IFMSA workshops made to develop soft skills and teach how to be an active leader of your community.
Challenge yourself and become an IFMSA-certified trainer yourself!
After the camp, each participant will have to conduct similar trainings and will receive an official IFMSA certificate – this opens new doors to IFMSA trainers’ world: trainers travel all over the world, participate in international events and share their knowledge and experience with other motivated medical students. More on IFMSA trainings can be found here .

Application deadline: 1st of May
Date: August 21st-26th
Price: 220eur – everything included!

Fill in the application here – you won’t regret this experience!
You can find other info on our website and follow us on facebook for important updates!

With green hugs to all *** members
SCORP Camp oganising committee
Laurynas Kanapeckas , Kaunas departament director
Tel: (+370) 678 85 744 |
Lithuanian medical students’ association

Applications are now open for the 2016 Barcelona Global Health Summer School:Lost & Found: Adolescent Health in the 21st Century.

As the World Health Organization rightly highlights, adolescents are often thought of as a healthy group. This is far from reality: Too many adolescents die prematurely due to suicide or other forms of violence, injuries resulting from road or domestic accidents, or sexual and reproductive health conditions, including pregnancy-related complications. This should not be the case: those illnesses are either preventable or treatable. Additionally, a growing number of teenagers experience chronic disease and disabilities. Furthermore, many conditions developed in an adult age are rooted in the adolescence, like those linked to life habits – smoking, overweight, sexually transmitted infections. As a consequence, a poor adolescent health results in a shorten life expectancy and a lower quality of life.

The Barcelona Global Health Summer School 2016 will provide a comprehensive overview of the adolescent health current status in the world to students and young professionals from diverse backgrounds. At the end of the week, participants will be able to think critically about adolescent health main topics and appraise the alternative solutions being offered by the experts.

Who can participate?

Any young professional or undergraduate coming from different backgrounds interested in learning more about adolescents’ health issues, and more broadly, about global health challenges.

The Barcelona Global Health Summer School 2016 is a 5-day workshop that will take place from the 11th to the 15th July 2015 in Barcelona. The sessions will take place in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona, C/ Casanova, 143, Barcelona, Spain, from 9am to 18pm with 2 hours of breaks.

Find out more about the program and application process here.

Note that IFMSA members get a 10% discount!

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