Delegation of National Union of medical students presented Russia during EuRegMe – European Regional Meeting of IFMSA in Greece from 22nd to 26th of April.
National Union of medical students is an official member of IFMSA that was established in 1951. Nowadays it includes more than 125 members. WHO (World Health organization) recognize IFMSA as an official representative of all medical students organizations. IFMSA is a unique platform for organizing clinical and research exchanges all over the world. According to that it is the biggest and oldest non-govermental organization and its members have different experience of medical education, health system and clinical protocols the importance of IFMSA meetings increases and provides much more benefits than just improving the quality of medical exchanges.
Russian delegates had a remarkable opportunity to meet activists from different countries around Europe and take part in the debate how to solve various problems in different medical fields. Team of Moscow Local committee presented an educational project “I Do Research” that was selected among other numerous applicants. This project is found by students of MSU, RNRMU and FMSMU and it stands for creation an effective platform for interaction of future doctors and scientists.
First educational workshop on oncology was held in April, 2016 and became the base of experience that Russian team shared with all participants. It turned out that the problem of translational barriers concerns future doctors all around Europe. During presentation of the project there was a resonance among foreign collegues. Many of them expressed the desire to participate next year

Yana Yangutova, Moscow LC»